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Maker's Space/
Discipleship Center

Below are the items we need for The Maker's space. A place where we will offer free to nearly free workshops for soldiers and traumatized Israelis. Run by Israeli believers we will provide hope and truth in Yeshua the Messiah of Israel. The space will also serve as a meeting place and teaching space for our outreach teams.

We are equipping The Maker's Space with industrial machines that are safer, last longer, and produce a superior finish compared to hobbyist or contractor-style tools. We will teach fine woodworking, leatherwork, design, drawing, painting, and general fabrication techniques. Students will be limited only by their own abilities and imagination.

Work Benches 

The workbench is at the heart of any project. A quality workbench costs $1000. We need six total to get started. This need is $6000. Feel free to sponsor all six! But of course, any amount towards this need is beyond appreciated!


Wood Thickness Planer

The thickness planer helps to take a piece of wood and thin it down to the desired size. It is essential in any well-equipped wood shop. We are equipping the shop with machines that are not only the safest possible, but also that will last and last. The cost of a good used planer is $5500.


Air Compressor System

Many things in the shop need compressed air to run. We will be installing a unique low-noise air compressor that will feed the entire shop with compressed air. Cost $5500


Band Saws (PAID FOR)

The band saw is such an important fixture in any wood shop. Our shop will need two. A large saw for sizing large stock and a small saw for cutting curves and more intricate operations. The cost for the large band saw is $2250. The small bandsaw is $2000.


Wood Jointer(PAID FOR)

The jointer makes it possible to take any board and give it a straight edge and flat face in order to dimension it properly. A new jointer is about $6000.


Wood Lathes

Wood turning is an art unto itself. It is also a great craft for people with limited mobility. We are hoping to purchase three wood lathes for The Makers Space. They are $2000 each. 


Edge Sander

The edge sander is used for many shaping tasks. $2000


Spindle Sander

The spindle sander allows the sanding and shaping of nearly any inside curve. $1500


WorkShop Lease

Although one day we hope to own a building where all of our Workshop classes and discipleship activities are, for now, we must rent a space. The cost of the space with taxes and utilities is $3500 per month. 


Drum Sander

The drum sander allows wide boards and projects to be sanded quickly to very tight tolerances. It can also be used to sand very thin pieces. This is essential for a guitar-making course we hope to offer. Cost $2500


Student Hand Tool Sets

Eash student needs a set of hand tools to attend the hand tool workshops. Quality hand tools are a premium expense yet essential. Each set costs $2500. We need a minimum of six sets. 


CNC/Laser Machines

We will be helping to fund the ongoing costs by making products to sell. Two key peices of machinery to help with this are a CNC Router and CNC Laser Engraver. The total for these machines is $65,000.


Industrial Sewing Machine

Used for sewing leather and upholstery for furniture pieces. We would like 2 machines for the maker's space. They are $1500 each.


Blacksmith Tools and Metal Fabrication Tools

Metalworking is a huge part of any full-functioning maker's space. Ours will contain a blacksmith forge, metal cutting tools, and welders. $2000


3D Printers

3D Printers are a staple in any Maker Space. They are an amazing way to prototype ideas and create molds for casting various materials. We would like to have two 3D printers for the space. $2000


Leather Working Tools

Leather craft is relatively easy to learn and accessible to most budgets. We will have the capability of offering leather working classes. These tools are needed for those classes. $1000


General Materials

This fund is for a general material stockpile so that we have appropriate materials like wood, glue, screws, leather, fabric, etc, for the classes for the first year of operation.




There will be a small kitchenette for meals and coffee breaks. This fund is for the appliances and materials to build it out. $2000

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